Our history

promodoro_our history

It all started in 1989 when Martin Keller had the perfect business idea on a trip through South America:
Selling basic and timeless blank garments in Germany – a rarity at that time.

The idea was born.

He needed a name and a logo for his new business. The inspiration came purely by coincidence over
a glass of wine in an Italian Restaurant in Düsseldorf. Martin saw a tomato, Pomodoro in Italian,
and thought of band promotion. That evening, the name Promodoro was born.

The company was ready to get started. From a garage functioning as offfice and warehouse in one.

The foundation stone was laid.

Great passion for music opened the door into the world of merchandising, where many stars
and upcoming stars wanted to have our Promodoro basics printed as band shirts. In fact,
it is quite likely that your favourite band or festival shirt is a Promodoro basic.

Since 1989, and with more than 90 million garments sold, the company stayed true to its values:
continuous innovation, high standards in quality, sustainability and social compliance.
The X.O collection is the perfect example of how this passion for quality and innovation is still
pushing the new generation of team members at Promodoro.

The collection carries fresh coloursand tailored, sophisticated cuts with an exceptional Jersey fabric. 
So exceptional that we gave it its own name: The Millennial Jersey cotton.

We are proud to work in the tradition that made this company. From 1989 until today – and in the future.

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