Made In Green

Because our items are labelled OEKO-TEX®
MADE IN GREEN to help you feel even safer.
And to provide some proof for it as well.


OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN is a traceable product label for textiles produced sustainably and under fair working conditions.

The product label guarantees:

  • Production in environmentally friendly factories.
  • Product and consumer safety through testing for harmful substances.
  • Socially responsible and safe working conditions in manufacturing.
  • Transparency through traceability of the supply chain.
It includes the well-known OEKOTEX® STANDARD 100 for products tested for harmful substances. In addition, the label includes the SteP certification for sustainable production sites. With this, you can be sure that the textiles have been produced responsibly and safely.
OEKOTEX® Standard 100 + SteP LAbel = MADE IN GREEN

Experience transparency!

The product ID offers a new level of transparency. Each textile has its own ID that allows you to trace the item and gives you information about the supply chains.

You can find the ID on the item page,
e.g. Men's Premium-T Organic (3090): M21LP94U0

Transparency through traceable ID

Made in Green briefly explained

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