Promodoro Quality

Promodoro Quality

Quality and sustainability are important to you? Same for us. That's why we offer you high-quality, durable textiles made from the best cotton. Our clothes meet OEKO-TEX standards and won't lose their shape or colour even after many washes.

We're happy to explain to you why our textiles are so high quality. While many retailers use open-end cotton, we only use combed, long-fibre cotton. That's how we guarantee you the best quality that you can both see and feel.

Conventional open-end cotton

  • dull, non-uniform colouring
  • mainly short fibres, rough grip
  • no saturated absorption of the dyeing agent

Our combed cotton

  • very good colourability resulting in bright colours
  • less hairiness and excellent appearance
  • excellent grip and great wearing sensation
  • uniform yarn made from strong cotton fibres

Not only do we use the best cotton for our clothes. Especially our cotton sweatshirts stand out in terms of quality. The reason for that is the number of threads. Common knitwear is knitted with only two threads, while our items are made with three. This creates a high-quality cotton fabric that not only feels great, but also stays with you for a long time.

This is our promodoro premium quality, and our promise to you.

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