You love modern cuts, fine material and trendy colors? Then you will learn to love X.O by promodoro as much as we do. Because out of love for textiles and our many years of experience we have developed a first-class fabric: our Millennial Cotton Jersey.

What makes X.O so special is not only the fabric. The choice of colors and sophisticated cuts also make our X.O products so unique. They feel good, are airy and super suitable for everyday use. Even our team wear X.O every day in the office.

Here are a few statements:

"I like the cut of X.O. It's modern and flatters the figure."
"I especially like the colors. They can be combined to so much."
"The stuff is just great. It's airy and feels fantastic."

The idea of X.O began with the development of fine and high-quality yarn in combination with unique knitting processes. But also an improvement of our dyeing processes contribute to the special appearance of our X.O products. Thus we have developed an extraordinary product, which has never before been achieved with cotton. Convince yourself!








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